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Enterprise level social media marketing with small business pricing.

We use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIN, etc. to drive very targeted customers to your business here in Central Indiana at a very profitable cost per sale.

This is Andy. Hand him the keys to your social media and watch your business grow.

We've spent tens of thousands of dollars on social media marketing for our clients here in Central Indiana and have generated hundreds of thousands in revenue.

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We don't have a choice on whether we DO social media. The question is how well we DO it.

"We tried social media but it doesn't work for our business."

Here are the top 5 reasons why companies fail at social media:

  1. You're selling too much. People don't follow companies on Facebook to be sold to all the time. Engage with your users and stop shoving your sales message down their throats.
  2. You're focusing on the wrong metrics. Many agencies will sell you on views or impressions. "We can get you in front of 10,000 people!" Yeah, so what? Anybody can do that for few bucks. We focus on getting in front of the right people and converting them to paying customers.
  3. You're only posting organically. On Facebook, for example, your posts only reach about 2-4% of your followers on average. So if you have 500 followers on our page, when you post, only about 15 of them see it. Ya gotta pay to play.
  4. You're not looking at your analytics. You have to study your social media analytics closely and make adjustments. See what's working, what isn't and adjust your budget accordingly.
  5. You think your customers act the same way as you on social media. In other words, you don't use Instagram personally so you assume nobody does and won't spend your marketing dollars there. When, in reality, your customers are spending a substantial amount of their time and attention on the platform.

Start Doing Social Media Right